Friday, October 19, 2007


where most of the kids party smoke drink have sex. im not apart of the whole cliche high school experience thing. i stay home on weekends and write, music. i listen to john mayer a lot too. i had a girlfriend for two years but she left me for the "experience". im not emo or anything and do like who i am but is the weird? i also play guitar a lot and am pretty independent and kind of enjoy being the quiet guy. but i think i dont like high school as much because its supposed to be all about finding who u wanna be but i kno i want to be a musician, so its a waste of time for me. i kno that sounds cliche and i kno im young but i kno i can get there i kno how but i cant yet. am i weird, or do i sound like a sweet guy. and no im not a d bag quiet kid.Am I weird? oh and i like this girl who has the same thoughts as me and have had a crush on her since october she loves john myaer like me and not the party thing. She sings and we always make,eye contact in halls at assemblies etc. and we did have a class together and I made her laugh a few times. Shes a thousand times more beautiful than my ex im just shy and she has a bf. Oh and I volunteered to play guitar at a mass at school and at rehearsals I can maybe talk to her. And show that I like john mayer and stuff is that weird. Oh and I carry a knee brace before gym and I see her and she never looks at my brace but looks at my eyes. No one does that. Is that good?


I think this girl likes you. I totally get what you are saying- i hate parties too, i've only ever been to two. I don't think you are weird, and I don't think that you should question if you are weird. I think you should talk to her, and get to know her more, so when she breaks up with this other guy you can be with her.