Saturday, September 15, 2007

Is this okay for a cv?

I am 15, i have all the personal details but i'm not going to put them on ...i want to hand it into job opportunities like waitressing or shop assistants etc, is this okay?

GCSE’s in: Predicted grade:
English language A*
English literature A
French B
Maths B/ A
History A*
Art A*
Performing arts n/a
Additional Science A
Core Science A
Spanish B/A

Employment: Paper round, I delivered the star once a week to 246 houses for 11 months, occasionally interacting with customers. I enjoyed the work and it has helped me learn how to work independently and to use my initiative and be more confident.

Personal qualities: I am able to communicate clearly, and I am happy and effective working both in a team and on my own. Also I am responsible and organized.

Answer on Is this okay for a cv?

not perfect. I understant this is your first cv but as employer, i am not satisfied with the information and would go to the bin. so what you need to do! it is essention you have the following:

name and address & contact number

personal profile
"this is about you i.e. enthausitc , hardworking , great team play, great communication etc" three sentense would be enough!

2009 2010 - school name and address
predicted grades:
list of your subjects and grade i.e.
English C
Maths A

2009-2010 - name of employer and address
what was your position ? e.g customer assitant ?
list of duties and list as much as you can

make up another job experience if you can, if not then experience you had ?

Interest and hobies:
list you hobbies and interest

you need 2 reference

"i wish you good luck "