Wednesday, July 25, 2007

I need help with finding valdosta italy?

For my italian project i have to get 2 products from a region and i got Valdosta italy. When i google it i get Georgia Valdosta. Can someone tell me 2 or more products from Valdosta or tell me where i could get my info. Please I need serious help on this!! 10 points for whoever answers right please!!

Answer on I need help with finding valdosta italy?

First of all you are misspelling it it is spelled Valle d'aosta Italy if you spell it like Valdosta Georgia your are going to get Valdosta Georgia I have included a link to info on Valle D'aosta Italy…

How do you know which song will be the next "single"?

I have a Youtube site where I do covers of songs ( and I'm wondering how do people know what an artists' next single will be? I know some artists announce their next "single" on their website or twitter, etc. but I cannot follow every artist (and I'd like to listen to new singles from artists that I may not know too well) - is there a website that lists upcoming singles or "releases"? Anything will help! I'm not looking for or anything like that since they list songs that are already "released as singles" - I'm looking for a website that can list upcoming singles (before the music video and all of that is released). Thanks!!!

Answer on How do you know which song will be the next "single"?

I looked really hard but couldnt fin anything, but im officially a fan of you on youtube now. you are really good!!! You could probably release these on itunes someday.