Saturday, June 2, 2007

Working in Italy for the summer!?!?

would i make more money doing the same thing as in the US?
sense i would come back and exchange it for us money

Answer on Working in Italy for the summer!?!?

No, you wouldn't taxes are higher here and as a US citizen you would have to report the income for taxes both here and in the US if you work legally. You have also not accounted for the cost of living difference which is higher here than in most places in the US or the cost of getting here and back. When you exchange currency from euro to dollars or vice veresa, you will lose a little value, but that would not significantly offset the difference between the euro and dollar.

Further, it is illegal for you to work here without having a visa that specifically allows work. While Canadians can get a working visa, that is for stays of longer than 90 days and is not available to US citizens. The unemployment rate is high and getting worse - in the area where I live the news recently had an item about unemployment increasing by 130% in the last year and it's gotten worse in the last couple of weeks.