Monday, May 7, 2007

Why does my brother act in these ways? is he trying to disrespect me? or piss me off?

even in our 30's he still wants to try to tell me what to do,never really compliments me for anything good i've done,doesn't even take note of what i've accomplish and orovercome.I just freaking hate his guts at times.I wonder if he knows it.He comes acros these ways and wonders why i don't visit his kids etc...and or see him at family functions.What is his deal?i can understand it if you are teens,but even up to now he is like this.He has acted really supportive of me in some ways,but it's those other ways he acts that really makes me hate his *** sometimes.Do you think he knows it..?he also tries to tel;l me what to do(in an annoying way)Last time i saw him i just hugged him and the didn't talk to him much.........We are all artists so i thought we would have common bond,but even at our age v32(me) and he's 37 it's like he wants to feel better and does stupid actions(ones that can make me go off)wrongly He's acts like a piece of crap....even my brother of 12 years older gets along better with me and is MUCH more supportive.Is my older brother delusional?the middle one i'm complaining about..I'm fit and go to the gym and he's fat(he's constantly got problems with his health because he doesn't take care of himself or his diet), so i wonder if that has something to do.Grown freaking men and he still acts like this...why can't he just admit that he has shortcomings and just can't measure up instead of being a moron about things?He is like this every so once in awhile..

Answer on Why does my brother act in these ways? is he trying to disrespect me?or piss me off?

Why is this so much about you and your feelings when it is obvious that your brother has some issues. Doesn't his weight problem offer some tip-off?

Sometimes the patterns from childhood remain because they are more comfortable that adapting to changing times. Perhaps those were happier times for him.

Perhaps your brother is a bit envious that you seem to have it together when he has problems that he refuses to address.

Apparently he isn't always like this so perhaps he has some psychological problems which manifest from time to time. What is to be gained by admitting his shortcomings to you? To a psychiatrist perhaps but why to you?

Look, he's your brother, why not just accept him for the imperfect person he is even if he pisses you off from time to time?