Thursday, March 22, 2007

Is this a feasible trip for 1 week in Italy ?

We're a group of 7 planning a one week trip to Italy from Valentines Day departing the 21st of Feb. We've bought roundtrip tickets to Rome and plan on visiting Naples, Pompeii, Capri then up to Florence and Pisa then down to Rome for the last 3 days. Its a little squished aka 2 days for each province but is it doing too much? Any help is appreciated :)

Answer on Is this a feasible trip for 1 week in Italy ?

No, that really isn't enough time to do all that. Rome and Florence in a week would be much more feasible. You could easily fit in a day trip to Pisa on one of your days in Florence. It's only a little over an hour by train from Florence. Actually, I would go to Pisa early in the morning and go on to Lucca for the rest of the day before returning to Florence. Lucca is only about a half hour from Pisa on the train and there's more to see and do in the old, walled section of the town. Two days in Florence plus a day trip to Pisa leaves you with 4 days in rome which allows you to cover a lot of the amin tourist attractions. If you wanted, you could take a day trip to Pompeii - take the train to Naples and transfer to the circumvesuviana train going in the direction of Sorrento. Get off at the Pompei - Scavi stop for the ruins. You can return to Rome at the end of the day. You don't have enough time to also see Naples and Capri though. February is not the best time to be in Capri anyway.

Depending on your exact schedule, you might want to consider looking for Carnevale events. One possibility is Viareggio which is easily accessible by Florence on the train.… You could do something like this instead of Pisa/Lucca. Or you might look for Carnevale events in florence on the days you'll be there:…

Train schedules and prices here:… The schedule changes in early December, and hasn't been fully populated for the winter schedule yet, but this will be the place to look closer to your travel dates.