Friday, January 19, 2007

New Moon Survey ~ by Stephenie Meyer.?

A new survey just for fun and just about New Moon.. mostly because this one makes me cry and i want to know if im the only crazy one.

1. Did you cry when Edward left? If not, what did you do?
2. Were you as mad as me when he took her stuff?
3. Did you beleive he was gone forever?
4. Do you truly believe she could've gotten over him with Jacob's help?
5. Did you see the whole werewolf thing coming?
6. Did you throw the book when she she likes Jacob?
7. What is your favorite New Moon quote?
8. Did you want Bella to be with Jacob?
9. Were you mad when Alice showed up?
10. Did you think Bella was going crazy when she heard his voice in her head?
11. Did you think he was somehow breaking into her head?
12. Did you crap your pants when Laurent came back?
13. Did you think Bella was a lunatic for jumping that cliff?
14. Did you understand immediately when Alice said he was going to Italy?
15. Did you cry when Edward asked her if she truly thought he didnt love her?
Have Fun

Answer on New Moon Survey ~ by Stephenie Meyer.?

1. yes
2. i was very upset.
3. nope. i flipped through and saw his name and quotation marks so i knew that he was not gone forever (dont worry i didnt read any of it. i just needed the reasssurance.)
4. No. her love fore edward is too great. jacob could patch up the hole but the scar would still remain. A very deep scar.
5. nope. i knew that jacob would end up in the cult- except that i didnt know wat the cult was.
6. nope. i was happy for her yet i knew it would do more harm than good.
7. 'Not tonight. Tonight the sky was utterly black. Perhaps there was no moon tonight- a lunar eclipse, a neww moon.' This was right after she tried to follow Edward after he left her. I like it because it sets the tone for the book. That period in Bella's life was utterly dark, jjst like the night of the new moon.
8. Sometimes
9. No. I was releived.
10. No. I thought Stephenie was going to go all magiky on us and make bella have psychic powers or something.
11. No. Stephenie explained this. It was her subconscious making it up to keep her sane.
12. No. I knew he was gonna get his a** whooped.
13. No. I would have done that too and much sooner than her.
14. Yes.
15. No. I was thinking more along the lines.."Where the hell are you going with this vampire boy???!!?!?!?!?!"