Sunday, November 11, 2007

IMP!!!-How do i get Express Courier company description, Italy(revenue, workforce, intro of company, shipment vol

Yes, i need this for my project..ITS Urgent
The following companies i need the detail for are
Corrier (are the companies)
I dont see any of this info on their website..Is there any gov. or private website which provides me info on these companies(revenue,workforce,intro of company,shipment vol.)

Appreciate your help
will sure mark the best answer..
Need it badly for my college report

Answer on IMP!!!-How do i get Express Courier company description,Italy(revenue,workforce,intro of company,shipment vol.

You can find ALL of this information (and more) at Hoover's:

However, you need a subscription (which I have). I can find the information for you at $10 per company.

Or, you can go to your local library and see if they have a subscription to Hoover's.