Monday, September 24, 2007

Help with WWII history homework!!!!?

I have a 105 question review and i only have 8 that i can't find... please help, they're listed below

-During what major European battle did the U.S. decide to take sides in the war?

-Why was this battle a turning point in the European theatre?
-where did the allies go after North Africa?
-Who was the leader of Italy?

-what happened to him?

-What U.S. General was appointed the Supreme Commander of the allied forces in the battle of Normandy?

what battle in the Pacific was the first allied offensive?

-Explain the conditions the soldiers faced on this island.

Answer on Help with WWII history homework!!!!?

Leader of Italy - Mussolini
He was killed by italian partizans

I think pearl harbor made the americans choose sides, but I don't know for sure

First pacific battle was Guadacanal

General at normandy was general patton

Conditions on the islands were mainly extreme heat and a shortage of water, lots of insects. You should watch the mini-series 'Pacific' and 'Band of Brothers' if you also have a personal intrest in ww2.