Monday, September 10, 2007

Do you think this prom dress will suit me?

I'll describe my appearance first!

I'm only 5'2, in fact I'd say my body type is like Hayden Panittere's. I have medium brown hair which is thick and a little bit curly and greeny blue eyes. My skin is quite tanned too. Here's the dress, and from what I've said about myself, do you think it will suit me for my prom?…

You can also get it in pink, but I prefer the blue. I'm just wondering if it will suit me, because Selena Gomez wore one like it in Princess Protection Programme, and it really went well with her, but she looks so different to me with her black hair and pale complexion!

Answer on Do you think this prom dress will suit me?

no sorry hun :( its meant for more taller girls that have either light brown hair or blondies. And if you say you are like haydens body then thats all wrong too. she has a more athletic body when an hourglass shape is needed. But its ok because that dress looks like its made of wrapping paper and blue trashbags so its all cheap and trashy anyways.