Saturday, September 29, 2007

Boxing, workout and supplement advice?

i lost form over the winter, turned into a lazy sh1t and its quite obvious just by looking at me, any way i just got a new punch bag and i am going to beat the living sh1te out of it nearly every day along with free weights in the intervals between the punching bag like a circuit kind of thing. im no expert but i think this should blast off the fat gained over the winter, my goal here is to try and get ripped or a least more defined and put on a little muscle for the summer,

any tips or flaws in my plan would be appreciated got a good diet worked out too.

what supplement would be good for achieving my goal. i was thinking glutamine but again im pretty clueless

also was looking at anabolic products on amazon are any side effects or anything bad in using this kind of supplement.

sorry for large amount of writing and thanks in advance

Answer on Boxing, workout and supplement advice?

Look up starting strength and do it. Eat big, and you will get big. I gained 25 lbs in about 4months with a combination of Starting strength and olympic lifting.