Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Will I gain Muscle and lose Fat with this exercise plan?

Hey all I'm trying to preserve/gain a little muscle (being realistic I know i wont gain much mass)
While losing mainly abdominal fat, dam gut!

I'm 5-10 150-155lbs age 22
Currently I do a full body workout with relatively high intensity/weight (6-8 reps) 3 days a week.
I also try to do 1-2 days of Medium-High Intensity Cardio.
As well as walking about an hour+ day just between class and home everyday.

My current diet consists of:
A bowl of Kashi go lean cereal (original) with 1% milk for breakfast
Another bowl usually after first class around 10-11am.

Then I usually eat a pretty big turkey sandwich on a 7 grains wheat around 4.
(lettuce, some avocado, cucumber, bean sprouts)

and a full chicken breast with a side of veggies for dinner.

Throw in some almonds, glass of milk, fruit, flax oil anywhere between (pretty random)
And I'm planning on adding a protein shake for extra protein.

I'm getting about 135 ish grams of protein, 90g carbs (just 70g from sandwich!) and 2100-2600 calories a day.

The reason I'm not trying to go full on fat loss is that I gained a pretty decent amount of muscle over the summer that I don't want to completely lose in the quest to lose all body fat asap.

Answer on Will I gain Muscle and lose Fat with this exercise plan?

Your rep range is for bulking up
I would recommend that you adopt a medium set,(4-5 Sets) medium rep range(15,12,10, 10, 8)
Try and increase workout days to 4 days a week
Great diet