Wednesday, July 25, 2007

How do you know which song will be the next "single"?

I have a Youtube site where I do covers of songs ( and I'm wondering how do people know what an artists' next single will be? I know some artists announce their next "single" on their website or twitter, etc. but I cannot follow every artist (and I'd like to listen to new singles from artists that I may not know too well) - is there a website that lists upcoming singles or "releases"? Anything will help! I'm not looking for or anything like that since they list songs that are already "released as singles" - I'm looking for a website that can list upcoming singles (before the music video and all of that is released). Thanks!!!

Answer on How do you know which song will be the next "single"?

I looked really hard but couldnt fin anything, but im officially a fan of you on youtube now. you are really good!!! You could probably release these on itunes someday.