Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Raw meat recipes for cats?

Okay, so I plan to attain a kitten in the near future... and have researched what type of diet I would like to feed to my cat... having read what they put in canned and dry food I am determined not to give this to my future cat, and have read that using a meat grinder on chicken meat and bones is good for a cat and also that grated carrots are good for them also.. so I was just wondering if there is anyone out there that has some nice recipes that they feed their cats. I am not looking for peoples opinions on whether they think this is a bad idea, I have done my research for it, and I am confident that this is the right approach.

Answer on Raw meat recipes for cats?

At http://www.littlebigcat.com Dr. Jean Hovfe has an article in her article library titled "Easy Homemade Diets for Cats and Dogs" which will give you an idea of what supplements you must add to raw meat.

For your kitten an easy thing to do if you are roasting a chicken is to chop up one of the wings into small pieces (four with tip), give the heart and liver from the inside. That's just real easy to do when you are fixing chicken. Not for every day.

Raw diets are not that hard to do. You can mix up a "meatloaf" of raw chicken or raw turkey with the right supplements (if you use ground meat you need to have a calcium source with the muscle meat) and freeze it in muffin tins, then put the "muffins" in a gallon ziplock bag and thaw as needed. Two pounds of meat makes about 12 muffins.