Saturday, October 7, 2006

Are there any restrictions when flying to/from italy?

I'm going there this Easter. I know no liquids and aerosols or gels, but are there restrictions on bringing food? I was planning on bringing some crackers and some of my kids favorite snacks. Are there restrictions on what i can take?

Answer on Are there any restrictions when flying to/from italy?

Mostly prepacked dry food is ok, fresh food such as fruit and veg or home made goods are generally not allowed, dairy products too.

Tasty, healthy-eating meal ideas?

i want to lose weight, so i need to improve my diet. please could you provide me with tried-and-tested recipes for healthy meals - breakfast, lunch or dinner, that are healthy but still taste good. if you have meal ideas including a lot of veg, that would be good as well.

thanks in advance

Answer on Tasty, healthy-eating meal ideas?

A good breakfast that I really like is a cup of tea with a bowl of granola, mixed fruit, and some light yogurt tossed up together. Simple and delicious.
A good lunch is a tinned tuna sandwich, but instead of using mayonnaise, use mustard to give it some body and chop up some onions and toss those in, with some horseradish if you have it. And celery is always welcome. Of course, whole grain bread is best.
For dinner I like to have some corn tacos (not fried, obviously) with some grilled chicken, black beans, tomatoes, peppers and the like. Whatever nice veggies you have. A little lime and you're good to go. Serve with rice if you want more carbs.

Good luck.