Monday, October 2, 2006

My dog keeps eating my socks. How do I get her to stop?

She will hunt them down! I have tried hiding the dirty laundry basket, and keeping her out of the laundry room and my room, but she always finds a way. Is it really unhealthy for her? She won't stop! I am running out of socks and worried about her health. She is a fat dog and eats everything she can get her mouth on. How can I get her on a diet if she eats socks, shoes, furniture, rugs, etc?

Answer on My dog keeps eating my socks. How do I get her to stop?

How have you tried correcting this behavior other than trying to prevent her access to the items? Have you shown her what is acceptable for her to chew? Have you replaced her sock fettish with a kong filled with peanut butter? A nice rawhide? Socks and furniture and shoes will not cause your dog to get fat so don't worry about that, you can still put her on a diet, does she eat them or simply chew them to hell? If she swallows them gaining weight is the least of your problems.

When she grabs your socks (my moms dog did this as a puppy) you play the "trade ya" game, you show her something yummy that she can chew on (raw hide, sturdy Kong toy, CET chew or greenie) and you trade her for your sock, don't chase her because then it becomes a game to her and she'll keep doing it because it's fun for her. by trading for your sock you are redirecting a bad behavior to a behavior you can reinforce. then when she's calmly chewing her "acceptable" toy/treat praise her and pet her you are reinforcing this behavior, over time she will leave your socks alone. Make sure she's got plenty of her own toys to chew and play with and that she's exercised a lot, bored frustrated dogs tend to look for trouble. Puppies don't know any better and are looking for something to do and help relieve their teething, it's up to you to supervise at all times, close doors, puppy proof and crate when unsupervised, a crate is for the safety of the puppy and for the owners sanity.

Good luck

Cake tips needed, please?

I am making a cake for my niece's birthday this weekend. Bottom layer yellow, middle chocolate, top strawberry is what I am probably going to do. The yellow and strawberry I am going to use butter cream frosting and the chocolate I found a chocolate butter cream recipe to use.

A lot of articles I have read say that adding sour cream or yogurt and cutting back on the water can help with the texture and flavor of the cake. I am on a tight schedule and will probably be doing box cakes. So I was thinking of doing so. Since I was not sure how the sour cream would taste, I figured the yogurt would work...but I am a little hesitant since they are both dairy as to how long the cake is good for. I will be making the cake almost two days before the party and don't want to make everyone sick. I am somewhat new to making cakes ahead and adding things so I am unsure, probably sound stupid asking, but would rather play it safe.

Any tips of any kind please let me know. I will be decorating with a marshmallow fondant and some toys I found to put on top of the cake.

Please and thank you.

Answer on Cake tips needed, please?

I use box cakes every time and you just put one heaping spoonful of sour cream in the batter and it helps the cake be more doesn't make it taste any better than it already does. I have made cakes that i have carved in up to a week in advance and they taste the same and you dont have to change the cooking time(i just made a carved 3D grave digger cake and had to start a week in advance to have time for screw ups along the way). What you have to do is make the cakes and as soon as you take them out of the oven flip them over on cooling racks and remove the pan (slide a knife around the edges first just to make sure) let them completely cool (buy easy bake spray from micheals...its a god sent and your cakes slide out perfectly every time without crumbs) then you can frost the middles and stack them. wrap them well in plastic wrap and put them in the fridge...the day before you can add the main frosting. you don't wrap it after that but you still store it in the fridge. That way the frosting will get firm but when you take it out for the party, having it sit for an hour or too will loosen the frosting back down and it will be like you just frosted it :) If you need anything else just email me :)