Sunday, September 3, 2006

I'm a Navy gf. My bf is getting stationed in Italy. Can I go? And where/how do I apply for citizenship there? ?

I've been told I couldn't go with him unless we're married. But someone told him he couldn't get married otherwise they wouldn't send him overseas. I've found nothing on google or any other website to tell me how to apply or how long it takes or anything. A navy gf/wife would be a big help right now :)

Answer on I'm a Navy gf.My bf is getting stationed in Italy.Can I go?And where/how do I apply for citizenship there? ?

You can go there as a girlfriend but the military will not help you at all with that. You will have to go through the whole visa process on your own. As to get citizenship in Italy then you must meet certain regulations. You will not be allowed to live on base, use the facilities, etc..

Just because he is going there and if you get married doesn't mean that you can go as well. With the Navy he must be E4 and above before they will allow accompanied orders to an Overseas base in a foreign country. You would then have to go through a medical and dental screening if he can get accompanied orders to make sure that you do not have any conditions that the clinic/hospital cannot handle. If you do then you will not be allowed to go as command sponsored and that means you can go on your own but it is the same as a gf, you will not be able to use anything on base.

Now you can get married but if he can only get unaccompanied orders it means that he will get BAH (Housing Allowance) based on where you are, you can use the base facilities where you are and he would qualify for Family Separation Allowance of $250 per month when gone longer than 30 days.