Sunday, August 27, 2006

Anyone Else Hypothyroid and On Implanon?

Hi i am a 32 year old married woman with 3 children aged 12 8 and 3. I have had the Implanon Implant since June 2008. I am also hypothyroid and have been diagnosed for 6 years. I haven't had a normal blood test come back and currently have a TSH of 17. Since have had the Implant put in I have gained 4 stones, even though i am on a Very low calorie diet and exercise plan. I have depression, mood swings and and absolutely no sex drive whatsoever. has anyone else experienced this? The implant is't due to come out until June next year but as i can't stand it anymore and I am 6 stones overweight i am hoping the clinic will take it out sooner, thanks for any help.

Answer on Anyone Else Hypothyroid and On Implanon?

While you wait for the implant to be taken out, you could try taking some medicine to boost up your sex drive and help you get trough depression. In the site below the offer pills that do both - they enhance your libido and decrease the stress levels, so it should definitely help out. And of course, if they have no effect, you can return them and have your money restored. Check it out. It hope it helps you.