Thursday, July 20, 2006

Successful first date with this guy?!?

My friend knows this guy who lives in my neighborhood. She said that the guy and I should talk sometime. He added me and messaged me on Facebook and then he asked for my number. We've been texting for quite a few days and he called me a few nights ago. He's SO nice! Hes asking me tons of questions. He asked if we could hang out this weekend and then he asked me if I wanted to come to his baseball game Tuesday or Wednesday. He said I'm really cute and my name is really pretty! He asked if I've had a bf before and if I like anyone. He was super friendly and we texted a ton and talked on the phone for over an hour! He kept talking about seeing movies together, going to the pool, going to baseball games, etc. together and about hanging out! He texted and called me the next day too! I said I could go to his baseball game and he said that made his day so much better! Then he said he was driving home and kept thinking about me for some reason.. Haha! :) I went to his game today but couldn't stay the whole time. He asked if we could hang out tonight and he came over. We watched baseball and talked sooo much!! An hour before he had to leave, he asked if we could hold hands. We held hands and eventually he put his arm around me and we "cuddled" (I guess you could say haha). He kept complimenting me. His heart was pounding so fast while we were cuddling. He asked if it was okay if he could kiss me. I really wanted to but I said I'm not sure yet (it's only our first date). He kept apologizing for being awkward and was really sweet. He kept tickling me (inside joke) and he hugged me a lot. It was amazing!!!!! The only thing that worries me is that he's had 3 girlfriends before. The last one, they broke up 8 months ago. I've only had one bf and we broke up 8 months ago too. He asked me to see a basketball game with him in two days and says he's soo excited and can't wait to see me again. He texted me after tonight and thanked me and said he had so much fun!! He's super polite with my parents and brothers btw. What do you think?!? Thanks!!! Any advice?! :)

Answer on Successful first date with this guy?!?

I think he sounds really sweet and that was a pretty good first date, he was nice and mature and he even apologized for any awkwardness he might have caused. He's nice to your family, he invites you places and likes spending time with you, and he makes you happy. I think you guys are going to be great!