Monday, June 26, 2006

Is it possible to claim welfare anywhere in EU?

Once you're a citizen of a member country, can you then proceed to claim say blind allowance, or jobseekers allowance in any other country? If an Irishman goes to Italy and becomes unemployed, does he have to return home immediately?

Thanks for the help.

Answer on Is it possible to claim welfare anywhere in EU?

Generally, no. EU citizens are allowed to reside in any EU country (although we have to obtain residency permits if we intend to stay for longer than three months), but our rights to claim benefits in any country other than the home country are very limited. This would be relaxed once permanent residency was granted, but you have to have lived in the new country for five years before you can claim this. Your hypothetical Irishman would probably have to return home if he didn't manage to get another job before he ran out of money, but he wouldn't have to return just because he was unemployed.

If you are already claiming benefits in your home country, it is possible to have them paid to you in another EU country, but I've never tried this myself so don't know how difficult it is to arrange. My father lived in Portugal for a while but was still able to claim his UK state pension.

Has he really gotten over me?

So he left me last week after our perfect near-5-months relationship and we hadn't text since then. Today i confessed that he's still on my mind on facebook as i doesn't have the courage to text him. So hours after my status update, he posted "Got over." on his page. I am very devastated and decided to text him to ask whether was it true.

He said he's really gotten over me. He seems rather happy when he texted. I don't know how i've gotten the courage and i confessed my true feelings for him. However he asked me to trust him that i will be happy no matter what. I asked him why was he so sure and he answered he don't know but just to trust him one last time.

Have i scare him away?

And i realize he became more and more "moody" in the text. He appeared to be very happy with all the smiley faces and exclamation marks but gradually ending up "..." and no smiley face at all. Does that mean anything? My thinking is that it's either he's faking to be happy or he's irritated by me.

I can't seem to think now. I can't believe. It's just 8 days after our break up and he's already gotten over me. On the first few days of the break up, he's still updating his pages; confessing he miss me, regret and a sorry. It's so unreal. It hurts so much.

I tried my hardest to move on but failed. And that's when i realize my feelings for him is much more serious than i thought. He claimed that he's serious about me and is so sweet even till the very end of our relationship. Please help me.

Answer on Has he really gotten over me?

move on..........and don't talk to this fool no more