Saturday, May 20, 2006

Are thin women put on blast for saying bad things about "fat" women?

my sister just asked why a bigger girl can talk sh*t about skinny women but when a skinny woman says something derogatory about big girls she is persecuted. i don't think this is true.
i think its equal between the two. like for example, magazines post nothing but thin women, weight loss things instilling the idea that being big is bad, well known clothing like hollister aeropostale and victoria secret make clothing for mainly thinner women.
to me that is just as bad as hearing "FU*K YOU SKINNY BXTCHES"
anyone have something to say about this?

Answer on Are thin women put on blast for saying bad things about "fat" women?

Toughy, though amazingly, I've asked a similar question of myself. I used to be a part of a hobby group where most people there were fat or well built and at the time I was VERY skinny. All I got was joking-abuse from these fat gits about my weight which as jokingly as it was it really began to wear in and depress me over the two years I was with them. On the one occasion I mentioned one of them were fat - BAM! Outrage! I eventually got a job and managed to get enough money to feed myself properly (as it was purely down to financial problems) and in about 4 months I went from 7.5 stone to 12 stone! Shocking! But you'll never guess what happened then... OTHER people start going on about heavy I was as opposed to wasn't, and 12 stone ain't all that bad (though the time it took to get there possibly was).

I think the thin slagging off the large, the large slagging off the thin, and the average slagging off everyone... is just all wasted breath. Why do people have to put people into a category by weight? Its widely believed that people insult others about their weight because of their own insecurities and I agree. But I also think it is just another sign of people just trying to look good in front of their mates or worse, some people saying it because they can! its just another one of humanities many stupid, and yet avoidable, follies.

I will also add I do not find larger women particularly appealing (relationship-wise) but I have also know quite a few people in the past who not only find them appealing, but find them, and only them, VERY appealing, even when they have not been on the heavier side themselves. And it is not some twisted fetish. One of those are now happily married with children and have enjoyed their relationship for many years before marriage, but I digress.

Well that's that, sorry if I got a bit side-trapped but I hope it answers a few things for you.