Monday, May 15, 2006

Boxing tips for a kid?

i am 12 years old and do boxing and my favorite boxer is marciano and he done alot running and hill sprints, but should i do both or 1 as ive found ou that boxing is mostly anarobic in which case is better
and if posssible could you wright me a 7 day boxing diet plan to get me in shape as a kid

Answer on Boxing tips for a kid?

Happy to help out any fellow Marciano fan.

Are you training with a coach right now? My first piece of advice is to train at a good boxing gym with a coach who is knowledgable and has a good reputation. The coach can set up a training plan and monitor your progress. If you are not training with a coach (or maybe not a good one), you will likely fall into bad habits which are hard to break and you won't be maximizing your potential. Rocky Marciano was lucky to have a great trainer like Charlie Goldman who helped correct Rocky's balance and footwork problem with a simple yet effective method of tying a rope between his feet.

Since you are still a growing young man, I would encourage you not to go on a strict diet plan but to make sure you are eating healthy and consuming an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables. For your training, do the boxing routine first: shadowboxing, hitting the heavybag, and working with you trainer on the mitts and maybe sparring. Then do the conditioning work when you are tired like skipping rope, pushups, pullups, crunches etc. That way you are forcing your body to condition after it is already tired.

PS - My colleague works for the Marciano family in Brockton managing their websites. They've even invited me to join them in the fall for the unveiling of the new Marciano statue. Check out the websites at and They have some cool memorabilia to buy.