Sunday, May 7, 2006

How to convince my mom to let me do foreign exchange program?

My school has this foreign exchange program where I would be able to go to Italy and do my Junior year of high school there, but my mom doesn't want to let me do it. This year 5 people from my school went to Italy and they said the program was really fun. I would be able to live with this Italian family and go to school and learn about their culture. I'm not the only one that would be doing the program because I talked to 3 other people and I know that they are doing it, so it's not like I'm going to be living by myself of anything. Yer my mom doesn't want to let me go. She's saying that I don't know these people well enough and that I don't know the language, but I have an A in Italian class. I really want to go because it would be a great opportunity, that I'll probably never get to do again, but my mom won't budge. I tried to get my Dad to talk to my mom, but she just ended up yelling at him, and talking about how I'm not mature enough to go because I'll only be 16. What should I do?

Answer on How to convince my mom to let me do foreign exchange program?

Tell her it will make you more competitive as college applicants and in their future career. It looks very good on college and job applications. And for good reason:
You will see the world in a different way, learn different points of view, see your own country from the outside looking in, making you open-minded, not to mention fluent in 2 languages, which invaluable to businesses....Become more patient, flexible and learn to appreciate different lifestyles
**You will mature quicker, make more decisions on your own and become more confident and self-assured.
It is the experience of a lifetime. I think your mom will miss you, but maybe appeal to your Dad to stay on he, and stress how it will benefit your college and career.

If she keeps saying no, there are also Summer exchanges and Semester exchanges through lots of organizations such as this one that I can recommend:

And even if it is still no, don't say it is your last chance! You can study abroad for a Semester or a year in college as well.Good luck.

PS(When my Mom said no to my brother...he got a job in a corn field all summer picking corn to pay for the trip...she couldn't say no when she saw his determination (lol!)...check around for a corn field (?)