Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I am overweight since last june2010 so..?

I wanna know that what diet plan should i apply to get my size and weight back..

I am male 5'6'' !
My weight was 58KG in june2010

now when i start feel much fat..i knew i was getting fat bt today when i saw the value number: 62KG...

I got screwd!

Now i wanna know what should add in this or take out..
I am adding epecially proteen-vitamins stuff in this diet..

Bt coz m nt professtional so plz add or delete sm points in this following diet plan+ excersice plan i made...

4AM - wake up

5AM - excersice(working on abs crunching,inner thie, side vest, up and down sitting)

6AM - spenich juice+gonna DRINK raw egg

9AM - office(m a dir. Of project in a animation/visual effect institute)

10AM - orange juice

12PM - curd+bnana

4PM - black coffee

8PM - back to home and milk

that's it..

I guess that's too much..so plz add/change/Remove

or m i missing any detail or what should i do..

And any Of those ppl who r here for 2-3number coz they know their so call funny comment wont give them 10points..

That remamber 'report abuse' link..
I can press it! And give u so many thumb down link by my sources..

Answer on I am overweight since last june2010 so..?

Hi Raahul,

Your diet plan is elaborate, but I'm afraid you're trying to cut down too much on actual food. To lose weight safely and keep it off for good, you need to have a balanced diet plan. A balanced diet plan means including carbs, fats, vitamins, minerals, etc. and not just proteins.

With your current diet plan, you'll lose some weight immediately but once you're back to your usual diet, that weight might come back. Plus this diet can also make you feel weak due to lack of sufficient nutrients required by the human body.

Also, you need a better workout routine to target the extra weight all over your body, not just your thighs, and stomach. You should plan different workout plans for different days of the week, like Monday is for lower body, Tuesday is upper body, Wednesday is legs only, Thursday is abs only, Friday is whole body, and Saturday is abs again (or lower body, or whatever you think needs some extra care). And remember to keep at least one day of week as rest day.

Good luck!