Tuesday, October 18, 2005

My WWE Monday Night Raw (Vote the Winners and Rate Show) + Is Sheamus a Jobber now? he lost to Mark Henry?

* The show opens with the video highlights of last night's Backlash Pay Per View in which after John Cena rained Kane would come out and tombstone the champion twice. Kane is a sydistic monster is he going back to his ways when he had his mask on?

* The WWE Champion John Cena comes out to a very large pop. Cena says 'Last night I made the Miz go home, he tweeted on his twitter this morning he said "The long road has ended..."
Cena then starts saying chants about The Miz until Kane comes out and the big red machine says "Judgement Day, May 22, 2011 will be the last time you see John Cena in one piece as the WWE Champion" Cena and Kane then have a face off. Kane backs off and gets booed by the fans in the audience.

* Match 1: Singles Match
CM Punk vs. United States Champion Daniel Bryan w/Gail Kim

* Backstage we see The Corre who are the SmackDown superstars but tonight they are here on Raw to show what they did to the Undertaker last night on Pay Per View, at Backlash The Undertaker defeated. Wade Barrett but after the mugging of The Undertaker which busted him open and he lay there like his soul had been taken. Barett and the rest of the Corre come out and say "The Undertaker is dead now, no more deadman" Then on the audio systems you here Undertaker's voice ''SmackDown this upcoming Friday you will rest in piece!"

* Match 2: Tag Team Match
Kevin Nash and Triple H vs. Sheamus and Cody Rhodes

* Mr. McMahon comes out and says "Things are certainly shaken up now here around the WWE, And they will continue as in 5 weeks time, WWE presents Judgement Day from San Antonio, Texas.
And at Judgement Day there will be certainly something to sahek about.

* Match 3: Singles Match
Dolph Ziggler vs. Special Guest: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w9MDqsusj…

* The Rock comes out after he and Foley hug each other then as Foley leaves, The Rock goes into the ring and cuts a long as promo about the Miz leaving and going back to Ohio.
The Rock says this "Miz why?, Why? do the same mistake I did in the first place, making mvoies and all this is pretty cool experience but you? Why Miz Why, the crowd starts chanting Why Miz Why Miz?" Then Alex Riley comes out to Miz's music, he says 'Never disrespect the Miz the Awesome One" Michael Cole agrees to what Riley just said. Rock then says "Shut Up!"
"Who the hell are you?"
"Why did you even come out here, your a pretty real talker for some guy without his own entrance music"
"Go back to where ever you bught that crappy tuxedo, go back to being an ametur, KNOW YOUR ROLE AND SHUT YOUR MOUTH!"
*Eyebrow Raise*

* Match 4: Singles Match: Raw vs. SmackDown
Alberto Del Rio (Raw) w/Ricardo Rodgroguez vs. John Morrison (SmackDown)

* Beth Phoenix calls out Awesome Kong. They have a talk back segment where Kong ends up nodding to a rematch.

* Match 5: Tag Team Match
Seth Rollins and Jackson Andrews vs. Vladimir Kozlov and Santino Marella w/Tamina

* Todd Grisham and Michael Cole preview the Main Event Matchup.
WWE Champion John Cena vs. from SmackDown's newest Draft Pick Randy Orton.

* Main Event: Singles Match: RAW vs. SmackDown
WWE Champion John Cena vs. Randy Orton (SmackDown)

Best Match:
Superstar of the Night:

Answer on My WWE Monday Night Raw (Vote the Winners and Rate Show) + Is Sheamus a Jobber now? he lost to Mark Henry?

Daniel Bryan.
Kevin Nash & Triple H.
Dolph Ziggler.
John Morrison.
Seth Rollins and Jackson Andrews.
Randy Orton.

Rating: 8/10
Best Match: CM Punk vs Daniel Bryan.
S.O.T.N: John Morrison.
Opinions/Thoughts: Pretty good show over all man.