Sunday, August 21, 2005

I need to find this song i just heard?

it was on the radio last night, and fortunately i wrote down some of the lyrics on a dollar bill. unfortunately, i was high and spent the money on pizza shortly after. anyways, it was on 101.7 The Beach at 11:00 PM or shortly thereafter (if only I could find a listing of last songs played). they seem to play primarily newer stuff (it seems like a lady gaga, mainstream rap, etc kind of channel, which usually isnt my cup of tea). i remember the song to have like a techno beat, and the vocals were extremely difficult to understand (i wanna say it was a woman's voice? but it was pretty faint and the focus didnt sem to be on the vocals). the one lyrics i think i can remember is something cheesy like "make it right" or something like that...

im assuming its a newer techno-ish song, so give me some help!

Answer on I need to find this song i just heard?

Try and remember how the song went in your head and type in some of the lyrics in google. you should find it