Sunday, August 14, 2005

Drug store diet pills, do they work?

im looking to jump start my weight loss with a diet pill (in addition to dieting and daily exercise) Do the diet pills you find in the drug store work? Have any of you tried them. I have heard that once you stop taking the pills you'll gain all fo your weight back, is this true? Im just starting my research so if there is anything you think I should know please tell me. Thanks

Answer on Drug store diet pills, do they work?

They don't..

think of it this way, if those pills actually did work, everyone would be on them and Liposuction and other forms of surgical weight loss would be a thing of the past, as well as counting calories and watching what you eat in general.

Those pills are basically composed of every non-dangerous and possibly-lethal plant leaves the makers could find in their backyards. Some of those pills have been reported to have traces of E.Coli....