Saturday, August 6, 2005

Do I stay with the girl I am with, or do I go for the girl who loves me even though I hurt her?

I am dating a great girl right now. We have a lot in common, and I feel great when I am with her. My problem is that my ex-girlfriend still loves me. I started dating this other girl really soon after my ex and I broke up, and it has been great getting to know her and I like spending the time with her, but its been two months already and I don't know if I love her.

My ex has recently started to talk to me again, and we both had the understanding that we were just friends and we only talk online. I am in college right now, and when she went home this weekend, she brought stuff back to my house and she talked with my mom, and cried with my mom. I do care about my ex still, and I want to see her happy.

But if I could really make her happy like she wants, that would involve hurting the girl I am currently dating. I care about both people, and I want neither of them to be hurt. I feel like no matter what I do it wont turn out well.

I am busy being a resident assistant at my college and I have very hard classes to worry about. I don't feel like I put enough time into thinking about where I am going and part of me wants to go back to what I had with my ex, but part of me likes what could be in store with my current relationship. And the only reason I broke up with my ex was because of lack of communication.

I had gone to italy over the summer, and when I got back, she shut me out. I didn't know why and everything pointed to breaking up, so that's what happened. and then a month later, I find out it was because her friends told her that I was worthless and that she should move on because I had left the country and wouldn't come back the same and I wasn't worth her time.

My ex and I can still talk without any problem like before we broke up, we know what each other is thinking, and when we talk, it's like nothing is wrong. I don't feel like that with the girl I am currently with, it's still hard to open up and say what is really on my mind all the time because I don't want to say wrong things, and I don't want to come across the wrong way, but that could get better.

So now what? I had my future planned with my ex, we were together over two years. But my relationship now has a lot of promise and I don't want either of them to be hurt because of me.

Answer on Do I stay with the girl I am with, or do I go for the girl who loves me even though I hurt her?

.Forget your's over.Your on a new course of discovery. Stick to that.No tangles,you've got a gf and an X who is prepared ot be friends.What more do you want