Saturday, July 16, 2005

What's then?!!!!!!!!!!!!?

No face Book No Twitter
and today (r.n.n) said that the Egyptian government may even close Vodafone,Mobinil,Etisalat &TE data tomorrow if it requires,just as what happened in Suez yesterday when they closed all the means of communications including mobile phones and internet!!
yesterday there was a curfew all over Egypt from 11pm to 6am!!
1200 protesters got arrested just for saying there opinion in Public??!!
7 were killed and over 60 injuries !!
Where is the freedom of speech?!!
Where is Hosni Mubarak?!!
don't he know about what is happening in Egypt?!!

Answer on What's then?!!!!!!!!!!!!?

F*ck them. they cant shut down the people. Acts like that will result in more riots , and will get all people to go to the streets.