Sunday, June 12, 2005

6 day old, no weight gain since discharge..I'm worried?

my son was 8lbs 10oz at birth. They told he lost 5% of his weight, which is suppose to be less loss then most for a breast fed baby. So I thought we were doing great. We went to the doctor yesterday and they said he was 8lbs 3oz. I have to go back again tomorrow to re-weigh him. I went home in tears thinking I am doing something wrong. He eats for 5-15 minutes each feeding every hour to 3 hours. I breastfed my first son the same way and gained very quickly. How concerned should I be? The doctor said if he doesn't gain I will have to supplement, I really want to avoid this. please help!

Answer on 6 day old, no weight gain since discharge..I'm worried?

Do you know if your milk is in yet? If it just came in in the past couple days I wouldn't worry too much, it can take around 10 days to regain birth weight. Does your baby appear content? 10 minutes seems a bit on the short side for a feed but if he isn't fussy between feeds and is nursing at regular intervals then you are probably fine, he may just be a very efficient sucker or you may have an excellent milk supply. Some doctors are very quick to jump on the supplements so don't be afraid to ask for more time if you have a meeting/plan with a lactation consultant already in the works.

As for switching sides while nursing, some women find it easiest to feed on the same side for two hours (put him on that side each time he wants to eat in those 2 hours) and then switch to the other side for the next 2 hours. This allows him to drain each side more thoroughly and get to the hindmilk. Your lactation consultant should have more suggestions for you on this issue.