Monday, June 6, 2005

To tweet or not to tweet. [:?

Okay, I want some opinions on Twitter. Is it worth my time? If you have it, do you have a lot of people following you? Etc.. Thanks so much! [:

Answer on To tweet or not to tweet. [:?

tweet!!!!! :D
it doesent take up that much time u can just text ur tweets from your phone, you dont have to log on everytime and its fun when you have a group of friends that always gets your tweet. Its just easy to stay in touch without actually having to have full on conversations. And i have 14? followers but i only follow people i know and still trying to get more people to get one, its fun!(: get it!

Guys, wat does this mean?

Someone sent me this on facebook, and I have no Idea wat it means; "jeje kien sos"? Plz help...

Answer on Guys, wat does this mean?

jeje kien sos can be translated as:

jeje - another way of saying lol in Spanish

kien - means no or none

sos - means either save our souls or same old sh _t

So in your situation it probably means: lol no same old sh_t