Monday, May 16, 2005

What is the order of these dates?

1300's 16 century and 1521
oh what does this mean In the 1300's a brillant cultural mvt. arose in italy. over the next 300 years
So will the next 300 yrs equal 1600

Answer on What is the order of these dates?

first comes 1300's as these are the dates between 1300 to 1399 and the 16th century is 1500 to 1599 so 1521 takes place in the 16th century.
You can't place 16th century and 1521 in a particular pattern because the 16th century starts before 1521 and ends after 1521 as it refers to 100 year span.

next, the term 300 years would mean sometime between 1600 to 1699 as this time frame is 300 years from the 1300's