Monday, April 18, 2005

Does he still have feelings for me?

So way back in April I was seeing/dating this guy for like 3 weeks it didn't work out we just stopped talking. He sort of played me all of a sudden he stopped talking to me because supposedly he thought I didnt like him but I did and I even told him. I didnt go after him and I think thats what he wanted me to do. When we stopped talking I was going to delete him from myspace but I didn't. Now its whatever im over him, but last week I realized he deleted me! And to make things weirder yesterday i saw him at the gym and I dont think it could've been more akward. He kept staring at me and we passed by and none of us said hi to each other I dont understand the tension.I think hes like mad or something..Ive been thinking about this since I saw him why did he act like that...what do you guys think?

Answer on Does he still have feelings for me?

It's over. Move on...