Saturday, April 16, 2005

How much are hair appliances in Italy?

I am studying abroad in Florence Italy for the semester, I was considering buying a hair straightener and blow dryer when I arrive in Florence, I wanted to ask if anyone knows how expensive these products go for and also where i can i buy them! THANK YOU in advance!!

Answer on How much are hair appliances in Italy?

I alked down to my local Ipercoop (similar to Walmart/Target in the US) to check when I saw your question this morning. They had 15 to 20 different models of each. A hair dryer (asciugacapelli) ranges from 9.90 euro for a small travel dryer to 59.90 euro for the top end model they carry. The straighteners (piastra per capelli) ran from 12.90 euro to 89.90 euro. The Remington Ceramic slim 210 model is 22.90 euro there. You can find these in several stores including Comet or department stores as well as Ipercoop and the equivalent.