Friday, February 18, 2005

Coca cola cake from cake mix box?

alright, I'm not looking for a diet cake or anything. I want to know how to make a cola cake from a box mix. i've been told to just take the cake mix and add 10 ounces of coke and bake at 350. I want to do it with a chocolate cake mix. dont give me a page long recipe. and I dont wanna do the whole marshmallow thing. dont even know what those are for. i've read to use 1-2 egg whites. does this hold it together good?

Answer on Coca cola cake from cake mix box?

I found the same recipe online, its a Weight Watchers recipe. The one I found is for cupcakes. Add any flavor of soda (1 can) to any flavor of box cake that you want. Since you want to make a cake the egg whites will help to bind it together, because without them its pretty crumbly. Just mix, and bake. I like eating it with Cool Whip.