Tuesday, February 15, 2005

Is justin bieber really gay?

I hear people saying that justin bieber is gay...is he really gay??

Answer on Is justin bieber really gay?

He may or may not be, (isn't he dating a female actress now, anyway?), but no matter WHAT his sexual + romantic orientation is, he is still really, really annoying.

Or rather: I'm annoyed by all of his numerous, overly enthusiastic tween girl fans.. Ugggggh... Justin himself isn't all that obnoxious, really. He seems like a fairly normal kid with an okay personality, even if it *is* a bit too cookie cutter for my taste. If only he hadn't been SO ridiculously hyped up, and if only I didn't have to see his face plastered everywhere, I could have dealt just fine. But apparently: no such luck. :-S *Woe is me*.