Sunday, February 13, 2005

Harder to live in ny or italy?

Parents are moving from ny to italy. They dont know where in italy buy probably in the south. They were both born there, and with my dad retiring soon thats when they will move back. i will be going also, 20 years old now and have my italian passport. possiamo parlare la lingua molto bene e crediamo che la vita li e piu facile ma ancore stiamo pensando del cambiamento. e gia sappiamo della crisi del lavoro, ma con due lingue non a d'essere un po' piu facile per trovare un lavoro?

Answer on Harder to live in ny or italy?

The hardest in Italy is finding a job, especially in the South. But if you get a job life is not hard at all: the land is beautiful, crime rate is on the average lower than in NY, weather is mild, you can have fun and live without problems.
At the beginning, if you have problems to find a job you can start teaching English as private teacher.