Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Urgnent!!! what do i do !? =(....?


my ex is completely ignoring me.. its been probably 2 months that SHE BROKE UP with me.. then the other day she said that i annoy her and that i should ignore her and called me immature.. i haven't talked to her since a month ago why is she acting like this? i still really care about her alot!.. we were best friends before we went out.. then we went out and then she broke up with me and she still talked to me and she told me she still cared for me but in a best friend way , and still said she was mine and i told her i was hers.then she suddenly stopped and began ignoring me after about 3 weeks of talkin still and phone calls... can someone please help me out? i wanted her back but now i just want her in my life again i want her to talk to me and call me like before SHES STILL MY LIFE and just i want everything to go back to what it was and have her as my best friend... its really hurting inside knowing shes doing all this =(.
what can i do ? what should i do?.. she said ive always annoyed her, but if that was the case then we would have never went out. SOMEONE PLEASE HELP =[ no matter what she says i still really care a lot about her.
i haven't talked to her so idk where this came up because she stopped talking to me and texting me, and i didnt dare text her or call her so i dont get it.. about a week ago i just found out recently, that she blocked me on Facebook too.. whats going on? im not talking to her AT ALL why is she acting like she hates me so much ? why is all this happening... i did not cheat on her or anything i was really happy with her, and she seemed the same, she just ended it because she said she lost feelings.. but i wouldn't even text other girls because i didn't want her to think i would cheat or anything.. then in that same text that she said i was annoying she said she only talked to me to be nice? i know that probably was a lie because she wouldn't keep calling and and texting me none stop and when we were talking she even told me she cant give you space and that she couldn't stop talking to me and that she had too, and that it was just not possible to not talk to me.. but now shes ignoring me.. i don't understand ! and i think about her everyday... =( plz help.
i never blew up her phone, she would always text me first and such.. and just idk why she would block me like that..
also her close friends never really liked me since the beginning for no reason. and well how can i get her friendship back.. and she even told me i wasn't the jealous type because i really wouldn't mind what she was doing and she said she would never cheat on me either.. and i even asked her when we broke up if it was for another guys and she said no she would have told me, and besides she showed me her phone she wasn't talking to another guy.. so please anyone help =(, i want to talk to her but like i said before she said i was annoying and immature to her and she just wanted me to leave her alone..i have been doing that i haven't talked to her in the longest probably a month already, so how am i suppose to talk to her about it ? please help =,,(..... also two of her really close friends didn't like me for no reason they said i made everything awkward.. i wasn't clingy either i would just have her there when ever it seemed right i would compliment her or say i love, she told me she loved me first btw.. and now in my class that i have her with,she doesn't even give me my work papers that she has to pass out she gives it to my friend and he gives it to me.. so idk whats going on ? its been already probably 1 a month that shes been ignoring me and i haven't communicated with her at all.. and she blocked me on facebook so she cant even see my posts or comments and neither can i.. what should i do i seriously think i love her, no matter what people said i tried to move on and every time i talk to a girl i just think of her and just end up being like whatever with every other girl because i dont like them, i cant spit game or anything shes still in my mind, no matter what.. it seems like shes mad at me idk.. please can anyone just tell me what to do!? =,(, LIKE NO ONE understands how much she means to me.. i need serious answers please :{

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btw were both in high school..

Answer on Urgnent!!! what do i do !? =(....?

in a relationship the key is dialogue and confidence to say we should not repress what we think and feel in order to improve the relationship, there is no perfection both have to compromise and understand