Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Celebrity-fan strange connection?

This amuses me, I've been noticing that whenever I go online to check my favorite celeb's twitter/facebook page it shows up, we're updating almost at the same time. Add what's odd is, we're living on different timezones, it's been a couple of months now when I'm supposed to be sleeping, something's like telling me to get up and go on twitter, and when I'm eventually online, his updates will will flood my timeline. And now, I'm not the only one noticing it, my brother said this morning when I passed by him while he was checking his accounts "No wonder why your boy just tweeted coz you just woke up! Do he really only update when you're up?" And whenever I feel the urge of getting online and I didn't entertained it, then when I check his twitter page lol he updated on the time that the computer is calling me. And also sometimes I tell myself "He'll probably update later or he'll update by this time" And it always happen when I keep it to myself.

Do you think there's a strange connection between us?

Answer on Celebrity-fan strange connection?

yes there seems to be one~~~