Friday, December 17, 2004

Diet help please ... opinon?

ok i know some people who went on the cabridge diet where they just drink healthy milk sakes, 3 a day and they contain all nutrients, calcium's etc you need. but its dear to buy the milk shakes if your drinking 3 a day for at least 3/4 weeks. so does any one know of a similar diet that's cheaper,or a recipe for a shake /smoothie etc hat could work the same?

Answer on Diet help please ... opinon?

Liquid diets are tricky.

If you want to make your own smoothies, it's pretty easy and they can be done in advance so that you don't have to make them 3 times a day. What I do is I look up the fruits and veggies that are in season and figure out which ones would taste good together. If you're worried about price, in-season fruits and vegetables are your best bet. However, they can be really limited after the fresh season depending on where you live.

Another alternative is to use frozen fruits or vegetables. This is really great if you're wanting something now because then you don't have to add ice--it is the ice. Just be careful that what you're doing isn't giving you too many carbs because that can send your blood sugar through a loop. If you already have problems with blood sugar, it could take up to a week to correct! (Be very careful!)

If you're looking for protein, stay away from rice milk and almond milk. Use cow's milk or soy milk. Yes, it's true that soy milk can estrogenize you but you're really probably not going to be able to get as much as you're thinking at only 3 shakes a day. Cow's milk can now also be bought with Omega-3s which will be important if you're doing an all-liquid diet since you won't have access to fish.

Some other fun things to try adding are: almonds (not almond milk), walnuts, flax seed, yogurt (makes it creamy but pure carbs), sesame seeds, and sunflower seeds. It all depends on your taste. If you add anything other than yogurt or liquid, you'll need to add just a tad bit more to adjust. I really like the nuttiness of the sunflower seeds and walnuts but they don't go with everything. If you're needing a zinc boost (immunity, libido), you can also try pumpkin seeds. If you're worried about any of the nuts/seeds/legumes blending in, I would say to just blend them up to semi-powder before and go from there. It might also be easier for you to judge how much additional liquid you need. I would highly suggest that you add some protein like flax seed, though (also Omega-3), on the basis that if you don't have enough protein, you're going to be starving no matter how many of these you drink. If you're exercising it won't be so bad but the carbs will definitely win out in the end over all the benefits if you're sedentary. And you shouldn't be exercising without taking in protein.

To make them in advance, just buy freezer-safe containers or ziploc bags and make a ton at once. What I usually do is the containers and just pull them out a day in advance if I'm at home or pull them out when I'm going somewhere for, like, work. This way it's defrosted (mostly) by lunch and I don't have to worry about anyone stealing my containers out of the communal refrigerator. (/angry fist shake)

If you're also looking for an easy solution, though I can't speak to the full range of vitamins and minerals, Yoplait now puts out a pre-packaged smoothie solution with frozen berries. It's 2 cups milk for one package and it's supposed to make two. The volume will fill you but the sugar will give you a headache if you're sensitive.

If you're looking for a protein drink that tastes decent, I would suggest the pre-made muscle milks (which also come in light but they have less protein). Make sure, though, that you drink a full glass of water afterward because the volume isn't enough to fill you and you'll be like "WTF?!?!" until you eat again. You could always put it into your smoothie, I guess, but the good ones are chocolate and they taste like chocolate milk so it would depend on how good you feel chocolate+smoothie is. It has more protein than cow's milk so it's up to you.

If you're drinking protein shakes in the morning, add 1 TBS powdered creamer and 3TBS more water/milk than you usually use and it makes it really creamy and more like a milkshake. (Anything to make those more enjoyable.)

If you're going to make smoothies on your own, though, the most important thing to do is your research. If you're already taking a multivitamin, figure out what can go into that smoothie that your multivitamin isn't covering. BE CAREFUL! There are some B-vitamins that are associated with liver damage when taken in large doses over time. You'll need them to help break down the energy in the food but don't take that to mean to have 3-4 times the daily recommended dose. Too much vitamin A and E can make you feel sick. Make sure that you're getting some fat in your system because not all vitamins and minerals are water-soluble (will digest if you have water in your system). Cooking fruits and vegetables can sometimes destroy the vitamins and minerals so try not to cook them. Canned fruits and vegetables are usually cooked. If your food starts tasting metallic, you're getting too much zinc. If you start getting dizzy, you probably don't have enough iron in your system (which happens if you're low on red meats or leafy greens) and you're becoming anemic OR you're having a reaction to something you're eating. Also make sure to re-read any labels for medication you're taking to make sure that what's in the smoothies doesn't react badly or cancel it out (grapefruit is pretty common for that).

Hope that isn't too much info! I play "Team Mom" at my house for this kind of stuff so I probably have more in there than I needed but I hope you can get something out of it that's helpful!