Friday, December 10, 2004

WHY is there so much HATRED for INDIAN PEOPLE?

Nixon called indians as "bastards",winston churchil called indians as savage people,he hated indians so much that he starved 3 million indians to death.Whenever i meet a westerner i see them vomiting hatred against Indian people.I mean what have we indians done that we deserve such hatred? and what do you mean by "curry muncher","stinky indian"?? how do you generalize 18% of world's population as such?

Do you even realize that if india become a country like iran you people will be building nuclear protection bunkers instead of high rise building.I believe the chinese were right, "power and respect comes from the barrel of the gun".We made a mistake of not terrorizing the world like the chinese do.

Answer on WHY is there so much HATRED for INDIAN PEOPLE?

Hey, I like Indians.
They are always so easy to understand when telling me how to fix my computer.

Europeans and their language abilities?

How many languages does the average person in Italy,Germany, Spain, England, France, Portugal, Switzerland etc. speak? And if you are European, how old were you when you learned the languages that you speak (besides your mother tongue)?

Answer on Europeans and their language abilities?

Scandinavians tend to speak their own language (Swedish, Norwegian or Danish) and understand the other two to varying degrees. Some can actually speak the other languages, usually when they've lived in one of the other Scandinavian countries. They also learn English from an early age (~8) and most are fluent as adults. Many people take another foreign language like German (probably most common), Spanish or French.

I lived in the UK for awhile, and didn't know that many Brits who spoke another language very well (except immigrants/children of immigrants). My boyfriend is Scottish and speaks English and Norwegian, but that's because we live in Norway. He learned it when he was 19 and spent a year on exchange here. Both of his parents are fluent in Russian oddly enough, due to army training.