Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Is this diet bad for my health?

Every morning, eating one scrambled egg with one slice of organic cheese, and then for lunch and dinner have either Brocolli Spears with butter cream (40 calories) or Creamed Spinach (70 Calories) or Cheese Brocolli (60 Calories)

I've been doing this for almost a month and a half and lost nearly 15lbs. Treadmill cardio exercises are included too. But my main question is, is this eating style bad even though I'm still getting some protein and other vitamins from the veggies? I do drink milk too so I am getting other vitamins..

My reason for asking is because from the amount of calories I'm intaking each day, which I know should be like maybe between 850 - 900 or 900 - 1000 calories a day, I read that having that much is actually really bad for you and I read one sentence that said your liver will like shut itself down or something....

Answer on Is this diet bad for my health?

This is very effective way,, same time seems to me like you are overloading on certain mineral and vitamins and eliminating other.
That is why I do not like word diet. You should ask your doctor, and your dietitian what is absolutely necessary for your body to stay healthy.
I am strong on natural products, eggs, meats, dairy, and tons of veggies and fruit.
No to sodas and don oughts. Same time I love ice cream and Chess cake, apple pie ,