Thursday, September 9, 2004

Girls: have you ever done this to a guy? What happened in the end?

K were 20 in college dated about 1 year 4 months.. so my ex gf broke up with me for the first time about a month ago she said she was unhappy and wanted to be alone.. So even though we was broken up we still talked and saw each other (impossible not to untill college is out) almost every day. A week of talking she said lets try and work on it, so we did and well a week later she broke up with me for a second time said she still is unhappy and needs to be alone... I took that as the final time and to stop communication etc so i did so as much as possible.. Then about 2 weeks after that she wants to talk, she starts crying about how much she misses me and hates her self etc, then starts trying to kiss me, i told her to stop and go home for the weekend and think about it, she did this and came back and said monday she wants to start again, i shouldnt have but i said yes. Now after this we ended up having sex the next day and it went bad it wasnt right (our sex life has been crippled the last few months, she has confidence issues, plus alot of pressure, etc) then yesterday she broke up with me again and said she thinks shes with me for wrong reasons??? wtf i told her to think about and she did she didnt have to come back and now im heartbroken for a 3rd time what do i do, i love her and i can still see she has feelings for me, i see it in her eyes

Answer on Girls: have you ever done this to a guy? What happened in the end?

I've been in your shoes. I just found out that my fiance, a guy i've been with for ELEVEN yrs as of Valentine's day and owned a house with for 8 has had an affair for the 4th time. Each one lasts from 3-6 months. Its like i'm just not enough or something... but i just think he doesn't wanna man up and have the balls to actually break up with me for good. I think in your case your ex wanted to move on from you, but she still cared deeply about you and had been with you for a while so it was a HUGe change. Nobody likes change, good or bad. She will always love you, so its hard for her to leave and hurt you.... but what she doesn't realize is that stringing you along is actually hurting you far more.