Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Has anyone tried Alli or Hydroxycut diet pills?

Friends and relatives have suggested I try Alli or Hydroxycut with my new diet and exercise program. (They say they really work). If you have tried either of these please tell me if they worked for your, how much weight you loss, and what they actually did to the body. Some people say that Alli gives you the runs and makes you poop grease. And others say Hydroxycut really gives you an energy boost. Let me know your side of the story !!! : )

Answer on Has anyone tried Alli or Hydroxycut diet pills?

If you like climbing the walls then you'll do fine with Hydroxicut. It is a stimulant which does curb your appetite but if your heart and nerves can take it....take it. I really takes a toll on your heart so if you are young, then you'll be okay but jittery. Now, Alli does make you have gas with "leaks" IF you eat anything fatty. If you only eat vegetables, fruits, LEAN meats, fish with no oils, etc. then you won't have runny poo.
Good luck with what ever you choose! I lost 80 lbs. on a good exercise program and just eat enough to curb your appetite BUT only eat when you are hungry and not alot!
Best wishes, been there, done that.... :D