Thursday, February 5, 2004

Girls: Am I this dumb, or is this girl making it very obvious?

What do you people think about my situation??? Is it time to make the move?
We are both sophomores in college, she is incredibly attractive and many people like her I have not been as up front, because I didn't want to be just another guy. We also hangout with the same group of people, we have been texting quite a bit lately and she puts a lot of smiley faces and responds right away to everything I say, but she has stopped putting them as much. I want to know from a girls point of view if these signs, this girl is giving me is it obvious she likes me or what. First and foremost, We have kissed, and when her best friend asked us to kiss in front of her, she kissed me (we were both somewhat drunk) Her friend said something about how she doesn't kiss many guys. The next day she wanted all of us to go out to eat we did, and she literally did not stop laughing at everything I said. later that next night her friend invited me over to watch movies with them, and then again I caught her staring at me and laughing at everything I say and she was looking at me and she would make an effort to tell me things about her life and would try to add to things I would say. She said I remind her of her favorite TV character, because we are both so funny. She also likes the majority of comments that I write on facebook. She is an extremely sweet and nice girl, so I don't know if she is being nice, or if she actually likes me. Also, I am a decent looking guy plus I play a sport so I am able to find girls that like me or whatever, but she is just really hot and I am surprised. That's why I am asking. I just talked to her friend about it because I wanted to make sure she didn't feel offended, she said it was consensual and that she wasn't uncomfortable about it, but she did mention it was innocent. We hung out as a group again, and her friend kept on bringing up us kissing, she just kind of laughed about, and didn't have much to say, but she did make eye contact with me.

What are your gal's thoughts,

Thanks in advance

Answer on Girls: Am I this dumb, or is this girl making it very obvious?

You aren't dumb. You're just insecure when it comes to this girl. You should ask her out. She obviously likes you.