Monday, January 26, 2004

Who agrees to Stop Cyber Bullying?

It's just like the Megan Mier (I dont know how to spell that) Story. She had a Friend when they were little but, Megan moved away. And her friend's parents decided to get back at her and made a Fake MySpace Account named "Josh." So "Josh" and Megan meet up On MySpace and become "Friends." One day, Megan was SO excited to get home to "Josh" she ran all the way home. She logs on her Account only to find a message from "Josh" that said:

"I dont want to be friends with you anymore becuase, I hear you are a FAT ****** and are really mean to your friends! I'm sorry its over..." Josh wrote.

Megan was surprised and went on his profile. Only to find that he made a Bulletine that said "Megan's a B*tch!" Megan Cried her eys out to her mom.

Couple hours later, Her mom finds Megan in her closet


Who agrees that we should stop Cyber Bullying?

Oh, and by the way, the parents that made Josh didnt suffer any conseqeunces What-so-ever.

Answer on Who agrees to Stop Cyber Bullying?

Bullying. Its ****. Just cowards do that, they think its fun to kill, laugh of someone, kick someone, and call someone **** ***, Noob, Nerd, Idiot. bullies should be sendt to a special kid school for ******* bullies, so they bully eachother.. And teachers. they are no better. they wont do ANYTHING, they give Bully a Playstation if he stops bullying!>:( such a noobs theachers are,they should kick his *** out of the ******* school not give him playstation..! i swear every time i see someone get bullied im gonna kick the bully in face so he gets blood out of nose, noob.