Sunday, January 25, 2004

Why is the UK viewed as a conservative country?

I personally think people are all too tolerant here. We have a whole generation of working-class yobs claiming benefits and delighting in their ASBOs, we've had three consecutive terms of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown (centre-left), we're one of the only countries in the EU to have allowed Polish immigrants in immediately (along with Sweden and Ireland), we have the lowest church attendance in Europe and the highest rate of inter-racial marriage and STILL people refer to this country as being conservative.

When the banned the burqa in France, a CONSERVATIVE politician in the UK said they would never do it in the UK because that would be "un-British" - hardly conservative.

It just seems absurd how the UK can be considered conservative comparde to the likes of Italy, Poland and even France.

Answer on Why is the UK viewed as a conservative country?

The UK is liberal.