Wednesday, December 3, 2003

Newbie at GYM looking for help and advise :)?

SO! I weight 305 pounds and I am 6'1 I've been on the GYM for about a week now. I tried hitting the weight but the owner told me I shouldn't hit the weights just yet for some weird reason and to concentrate on the treadmill and bicycle. So I do one hour between both that's half an hour in th treadmill and half an hour in the bike (Sometimes IO hit it for longer but lets leave it at 1 hour since is the routine I've been doing) I eat a pill for energy which works fine, I drink water and some weird GYM thingy which is suppose to help me somehow giving more energy.

I sweat like crazy, how crazy? I can actually drop 7 or 8 drops of sweat off my small towel no counting my pants and shirt. I feel like I got out of the shower.

Although I've seen the changes like for example people say I look taller and that there is something weird and unusual going on with me. I figure that's the one week's work. But I personally think I should be hitting it harder and that I should have a better diet. I got no problems with diets I love salads and subway, I don't drink soda, I don't eat fast food, I don't eat friend chicken and if I eat chicken I eat it like dry made in water hardly without taste.

How about some tips and also how much weight you think I could lower if I keep up with my this routine for a month? O_O? Will it be a lot or just a lil? And with your tips how much could I lower? O_O?
Thanks :D

Answer on Newbie at GYM looking for help and advise :)?

hi dude.. and welcome...
The problem is not that you r hitting gym hard enough...its the consistency
Most people stop doing it because they get tired of it and are not looking at the results. I suggest you keep on weighing yourself weekly and take a photo to keep yourself motivated.
The amount of weight you want to loose determines the time you need to put into it. So determine how much you wanna loose and Weight is not just the issue here your body composition should be your target as well. Get yourself checked monthly on how much body fat you are loosing to keep track of it.
Trust the guy who is training you however do get that gym thingies your drinking on the net to get a better pic of what you are eating.
Having the right diet plan can make a difference of keeping it going or dropping it so do consult a dietitian who can make a plan for you.
Loosing too much body Weight can be dangerous either due to diet or the exercise plan. So do ask your dietitian this as well
If you wanna play with the weights then start up with body Weight exercises, push ups, squats, pull ups, chin ups, chinnies, crunches etc and keep on moving up the scale