Wednesday, November 26, 2003

How to import items from Italy?

I am the owner of a gourmet food store and instead of dealing with middle men and wholesalers who often cannot or will not get me items that I want or need, I'd like to start importing directly from the manufacturers themselves. These are packaged food items, like pasta, sauces, oils, etc. I know the whole story with the FDA and most of these items have already received approval as other importers already receive a lot of the items in. I have tried to look up what is involved in importing, but not getting very far.
Can someone advise as to what kind of things I need to do as a business in order to start importing items myself? Where can I obtain an application for an importers license? Any other requirements other than dealing directly with the manufacturer and just providing them a copy of my license? I understand the whole exchange rate issue and legalities and such, I'm just mainly concerned over the whole process & getting the items here to me. Thanks.

Answer on How to import items from Italy?

Very difficult question!
Try this web-site:… (click on the right-top for the English version)
At least, it provides you the consulate network, to ask them any information about your problem.
Good luck with your business!