Saturday, November 8, 2003

Should I try to be her friend or move on?

Freshmen year I met this girl and we became extremely close. We would talk constantly and hang out all the time. It's been almost 4 years. I trusted her with everything and she trusted me. I couldn't have asked for a better friend. Then, this past year, my mom got sick (bi-polar) and things were pretty hard at home. She was always there for me. Of course, I kind of changed as a person for a while because of what I was living with. She started hanging around these 2 other girls and for a while, things we still great between us. Then she told me I changed and she didn't want to be involved with someone like me. Our friendship faded and then after about a week she asked if I want to let go of what we had..I told her no. Things faded out again and we haven't talked in almost 3 months. I really wanna talk to her and become friends again...she deleted me off of facebook but I can still send her a message. Is it worth trying to talk to her again?

Answer on Should I try to be her friend or move on?

My best advice for you is just to move on. If she doesn't want you in her life, she is not worth fighting to keep her in yours. I had a best friend do something similar to me, only in a much more cruel way, so I know how much it hurts to lose someone you were so close to. But give it time. Things will get better. You need to try to move on and make new friends or strengthen the friendships you have with your other friends. That's what I did when I dealt with my situation. Soon you won't be missing her anymore.